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Successful Audio Experience for Events in Singapore


From finding a suitable venue to inviting the attendees, lots of hard work and thought have been put into ensuring that your event runs smoothly. After months of planning, the successful event you envisioned is about to come to life.

However, the mike starts to get echoey at the seminar and your guests have a hard time hearing what your speaker is saying. Or perhaps, performances at the gala dinner or annual concert are interrupted by choppy music, completely ruining the atmosphere. 

This is why high-quality audio is essential. Whether it’s a conference or an exhibition, product launch or corporate function, audio heavily influences the mood of your audience and affects what they get out of your event. But with so many types of advanced audio equipment around, how do we choose the most appropriate equipment for your event and have the technical know-how to operate them? 

To ensure good audio, you might want to consider engaging an Audio Service Provider


What does an Audio Service Provider do? 

Audio service providers offer rental for audio technologies such as catch box, amplifiers, equalizers and multi-effects processors for your events to ensure a crystal-clear sound experience. Don’t worry if these terms sound unfamiliar to you – that’s what the professionals are here for!

These audio professionals have an in-depth knowledge of audio equipment and their technological capabilities, which can help you make the right audio choices. Depending on your requirements and the type of event, they can advise you on and tailor the necessary equipment to your needs. 

With the latest equipment provided, the risks of running into possible audio issues such as a faulty AV sound system would be reduced. Should anything still go wrong with the audio during your event, there could also be trained staff from the audio service provider on standby to offer efficient support and tackle any technical problems.

Yes, you may simply sit back, relax and enjoy the audio with the help of an audio service provider. But wait – before you hand all responsibilities to the professionals, you would need to find one you trust. Here are some things you might want to look out for when you’re choosing an audio service provider:


Engaging an Audio Service Provider


1. Past Work

Every event is unique. But if the audio service provider has a history of providing services for events similar to yours, that can assure you that they are equipped with the appropriate set-ups for your event. For instance, if you are organising a large-scale roadshow, an audio service provider with a strong portfolio of planning audio for roadshows might be a good choice. 

Having prior experience of holding events at the chosen venue is also a bonus, as they may be more familiar with the layout, venue requirements, and how the audio equipment could suit the location. 


2. Comprehensive Inventory

As technology continues to advance, it is important to keep up. Ensure that your service provider has the latest equipment to support your event efficiently and provide high-quality sound. If they are from top brands such as JBL, Yamaha, Shure, Berhinger and Soundcraft, that’s even better.

Having a huge inventory could also help them to suggest the most suitable combination of equipment for your event. 

Audio equipment aside, do enquire if they have sound technicians who would be present throughout the event. They can be a huge lifesaver!


3. Creativity

Audio has the power to capture your guests’ attention, set the mood of your event and bring your message across clearly and memorably. To achieve this, your service provider could help you select and customise your sound effects and music choices thoughtfully.

Do let your service provider know the tone you aim to create at your event and discuss any creative ideas you may have, so they can choose the appropriate sounds and audio equipment to enhance the experience. 

Note: Besides audio service, many service providers also provide visual services such as LED displays, video walls and projectors. If that’s what you are looking for, you can consider engaging an audiovisual provider who will ensure that your sound, set and lighting all run and work together. You may also choose to engage audio service alone from audiovisual providers.


4. Cost

When it comes to planning events and engaging external services, the budget is often a significant consideration. But while we aim to be as cost-effective as possible, you definitely wouldn’t want to compromise on the audio quality as well. 

The overall rental cost varies depending on the types of equipment you will need, the services you require and the scale and venue of your event. Generally, the cost of renting a microphone ranges from $20 – $60, a mixer $25 – $80 and a sound system $100 – $300. 


Consulting an Audio Service Provider

When you meet your audio service provider, you may have questions about the sound set-up and its technical details. But you’ll also need to prepare some answers on clarifying your requirements – your audio service provider would have questions for you too! 

Whether you’re having background music or a touching speech, remember that successful audio experience is crucial to help you entertain your audience and deliver your message best. Don’t worry if you’ve already got your hands full planning the other details of your event, or if you are unfamiliar with the technicalities – you can always rely on an audio service provider to fulfill your audio needs!