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Laptops / iPads / Android tablets Rentals for Events


As the date of the event you’re planning for looms near, your hands will be kept busy handling its logistics. From the guest list to venue set-up, every detail requires much careful planning. But there’s one more logistical issue that can’t be overlooked – the gadgets you’ll need for the guests. 

At a seminar, exhibition or corporate event, you often need laptops or tablets with the necessary software for your participants. But to purchase one for each and every guest or a one-time event would be expensive and perhaps even infeasible.

To provide your guests with the required gadgets without breaking the bank, you can rent them for your event


Benefits of Renting

Besides cost savings, renting laptops, iPads or tablets also has a host of other benefits.

Imagine having a large group of audience, and some of them begin facing technical difficulties with their laptops. It would be too much of a hassle to go around one-by-one to ensure that everything is working smoothly, and that could disrupt your event flow as well!

But when you’re renting from a rental company, you can leave the set-up and troubleshooting to the service providers. These experts will be able to provide technical assistance from the start to the end. Should there be any technical glitches, you can still continue with your presentation or trade show without worries, as they would have the experience to solve the problem quickly. 

Renting laptops or tablets also means that you won’t have to bother with their maintenance. The rental company will settle any maintenance work that needs to be done, allowing you to cut down on your money, workload and stress!


Renting the Right Gadgets

You can choose to rent either laptops or tablets for your events. What’s best suited would depend on the type of event and what you will need it for:

If you will be using your gadgets for more complex tasks like video editing or graphic editing, laptops might be more suitable than tablets. Laptops also usually have more storage space, which makes them more suitable if you’ll be uploading many documents or applications onto them. 

To choose the right laptop, you should first discuss with the presenters or exhibitors what they will be used for to get the right technical specs. Whether the laptop needs a high processing speed, advanced graphic cards or large hard drive would affect the type of laptop chosen. Also consider the software that would be needed to be loaded on each laptop, such as Microsoft Office or the Adobe Suite, as some programs can run better with certain laptops!

If you’re going with tablets, there are either iPads or Android tablets. They both run on simpler operating systems and have more limited features and capabilities than laptops. Hence, they are appropriate for simpler uses such as web browsing, launching simple applications and registration tasks.

The key difference between iPads and Android tablets are their operating systems. iPad runs on iOS while Android tablets run on Google’s Android.

If your event requires you to connect to other Apple products, the iPad might be a good choice with features such as the iCloud Photo Library which allows you to share photos between devices. Their simple design also makes it easy to use. 

An iPad also has more available applications. If there’s a specific application you would be using, it might be found on the App Store, but not Google Play. Along the same vein, Apple has many in-house applications such as iMovie and GarageBand, allowing you to do more creative tasks such as making movies and creating music. 

On the other hand, Android tablets offer greater customizability. If you would like to tweak the theme of your home screen or include widgets to suit the theme and function of your event, that would be possible with just the setting function. 

Android tablets also allow the running of Flash, the most popular software used to display videos online. Many websites use Flash for their videos, and since iPads do not support it, such videos would not be able to be played on an iPad.

Generally, the sizes of both types of tablets are either 10-inch or 7-inch. Larger screens can make it easier for video watching and typing while smaller tablets would be lighter and more portable. You should also let the service provider know if you have any minimum spec requirements so they can match you to the right type of tablets accordingly.


Renting Laptops or Tablets for Events

Instead of purchasing laptops or tablets for a 1-day training session or 2-hour conference, you can rent laptops or tablets in bulk. It not only helps you economically, but also gives you extra technical support, requires less maintenance while allowing you to have the latest technology. 

Ensure that your rental company has a large enough inventory to provide you with the quantity you need and will not cancel your orders. For backup, they should also send some spares. And as most rental gadgets would have been used before, you should also check that they look good and are in working condition!