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Live Event Video Services


Perhaps some people couldn’t attend your event as they are unavailable at that timing, or perhaps they are from the other side of the world. But here’s a piece of good news: with live event video services, you can still reach out to them and have them involved in your event!

Live event video services can help you reach a much wider audience. The number of people attending your event won’t be confined to the space your room can accommodate, but as long as someone has a smart device to stream or play a video of your event, you’ve got one more participant!

Such services also offer the chance for increased audience engagement – viewers can give your video a like, comment on it, and perhaps even share the video with their friends.

There are two types of live event video services – live event streaming and live event production recording


Live Event Streaming

Live event streaming services allow you to show an event to your audience in real-time

This is especially helpful when you are trying to gather people all at the same time! It is a service that’s gradually becoming a necessity for companies, as you can get your messages across to as many employees as possible. For instance, in a live stream of a conference or a corporate town-hall meeting, all employees can be present in the meeting in real-time, regardless of where they are at! 

If you’re wondering how your audience can interact through the screen, some live streaming platforms have Q&A capabilities. You can take questions from anywhere in the world and answer their concerns directly in real time, or solicit any spontaneous feedback about your event and make any changes immediately. 

A live streaming video can be broadcast via a simple link with no restriction to the number of viewers. At performances or sports events, countless viewers can enjoy the live experience online and cheer or clap along, just as how it’s taking place at the sports centre or theatre. 


Choosing a Streaming Platform

To stream an event live, you would need to choose a streaming platform. Streaming platforms usually also record your live stream automatically, so you can keep footage even when the stream is over.

Some of the most popular streaming platforms are YouTube Live, Facebook Live and Periscope, which are universal platforms that can easily attract a large group of virtual audience. But if you have more specialised content, you can also consider using platforms that may be more relevant to your target audience. For example, business platforms like LinkedIn Live and Instagram Live might be better to connect to a business audience or to push branded live-stream events.

To reach an even wider audience, you can also use multi-streaming, that is, broadcasting your live stream to several platforms at the same time. This means you can use both niche and mainstream sites simultaneously, which also allows you to leverage on the strengths of the different platforms. 

Besides a camera, live streams would also typically require capture cards and an encoder to convert your data to a format that supports it as stream-able content. And before you conduct a live stream, be sure to do a test on your streaming platform by first setting the video to “private”. Issues to look out for would be sound quality, audio-video syncing issues as well as buffering problems. 


Live Event Video Production Recording

The other type of live event video services is live event video recording. For event production recording services, the live production is filmed down to be watched again or broadcast at a later time

So there’s no need to worry if someone can’t make it for your event due to a clash in timing –  they can still watch what went down at a later time, when they are free to do so! Keeping footage of your event extends the life of your event, and there will also be no restriction to the number of viewers. 

Just think about the TEDx talk or pop concert videos you’ve watched on YouTube. The event might be taking place in another country and at another time zone, but you can still have access to their live speeches or performances made through a video recording and watch them whenever you feel like it. 

Usually saved in a USB drive, an exact copy of the event day can be kept and reused in many ways. You can use the video recording for archival purposes or for future promotions, such as by using snippets of the event footage to create highlight videos and sharing them on social media. 

They can hence also be easily shared and circulated, leading to greater audience engagement. Even those who may not have heard about your event when it took place can find out about it in the future and enjoy it online!


Video Recording and Streaming Tips

Sometimes things happen only once at a live event. Whether it’s a live stream or production recording, you’d want to make sure that you have captured every moment well! 

It would be best to invest in a good camera for high-quality audio and visuals. This would come especially handy for production recordings as having quality footage offers more editing flexibility. To avoid shaky handheld footage, place your camera on a sturdy tripod.

And if your budget allows, you might want to shoot with multiple cameras to capture both wide shots and close-ups. Switching between the different angles can add a dramatic effect, and multi-camera shooting also means you can shoot a variety of actions going on at the same time.

To ensure that everything is recorded smoothly, you can also consider getting a video production company with technicians to set-up the equipment and constantly monitor the recording. You would not want a part of your event to suddenly go unrecorded due to some technical difficulties! 


Live Streaming and Production Recording

It may be a live event, but even those who unfortunately can’t make it to your event can still enjoy it! With live event video services, people can view your event almost anytime, anywhere, allowing you to reach a wider audience.