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Renting Green Screen Studio Facility for Creative Video production


Sure, you can do a video presentation with just a plain wall at the back – but you can also have one with fun visual effects! Your background could be the outer space, the dry desert, or any faraway land. Your speaker could dress up as a superhero and virtually fly through the blue sky.

All this magic can be done with one simple thing – a green screen.

A green screen helps you to place two images or videos together to create an image. It naturally blends your speaker into a virtual video background, and it could be almost impossible to tell that they were two different images put together!

Simply placing your subjects into a digital world can spice up your webinar or corporate video presentation, further engaging your audience and making your content much more memorable!

Here’s how you can do so:


Renting a Green Screen Studio Facility

The number one thing you need for a green screen studio is well, a green screen.

Setting up a green screen is rather simple. In fact, all you need is something that’s bright green! You can purchase a retractable green screen online, buy a large green fabric from a fabric shop, or even DIY by taping sheets of green posters together.

But if you would like to save the trouble, you can also rent a green screen studio. A large green screen studio gives lots of post-production flexibility and having your entire background fully covered green can help to avoid errors like having missing arms in the middle of a shot.

To further avoid such problems, you should also have all your actions already planned out before you begin filming. Whatever movements you are prepared to do – spreading of arms or kicking a foot – make sure that you won’t be exceeding the green screen. It can be hard to take someone seriously when a body part goes out of frame for a few seconds!


Using a Green Screen Studio Facility

A green screen is not an item one regularly uses, so it’s only normal to feel unsure about approaching it. Here are more tips and tricks to help you use your green screen with ease:

A major perk of using a green screen studio facility is that it could ensure professional lighting, which is one of the most important factors for a successful video. Good lighting reduces the amount of shadows cast on the screen that can reduce the quality of your background insertion.

To avoid lighting issues like halos or shadows, you can also try moving your speaker closer to the camera and further away from the screen. The light should also be spread evenly across the screen.

And if you’re wondering if the background has to be green and only green, it doesn’t have to be. Bright green is commonly used as the colour of the background should be distinctly different from your speaker to isolate it, and green happens to be a colour seldom worn by talents.

So if you will need to include green items in your video – such as a green company logo – you might need a blue screen instead. Otherwise, be sure to remind your speaker to not wear green in front of a green screen, lest he becomes invisible in your video!

When you are filming with a green screen, do be careful with any fast actions as well. Should your speaker move too quickly, it might be hard for the camera to capture the motion against a green screen. Having a tripod and shooting at a higher frame rate can help to avoid such problems.

If you need a professional camera operator or a full filming crew, your green screen studio facility might be able to help out with that or you can engage separately a video production company (to find out more about video production services, click here) They would also be familiar with how their green screen works, avoiding green screen mistakes and helping your production to run smoothly and efficiently.


Using Green Screens for Video Production

It might be just a plain green backdrop but can make much magic. With a green screen, you can create virtual backgrounds for your video presentation, allowing you to transport your speaker and audience to various locations and even add special effects! You can also use a green screen to promote your brand by showing logos and running videos during a presentation. To use green screens successfully, consider renting a green screen studio facility to avoid filming mistakes!