FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


What is the benefit of finding event service providers through this platform?

Our event services marketplace platform makes it simpler the process of finding the best event service providers for your event.

Simply submit your requirements and we will match it to the right service providers. You will receive Quotation Proposals directly from Event Service Providers and select the best Service Provider for your event.

Is there any service fee or obligation when i submit my requirements?

There is no service fee or obligation when you submit your requirements.

You can review the Quotation Proposals that you receive and select the best Service Provider that meets your requirements and budget.
Or, you can decide not to select any of the service providers if none fits well to your requirements.

Who are the Event Service Providers Partners?

Our event service partners are professional event service providers with years of experience in their respective fields – Audio, Visual, Lighting, Staging, Live event video services, Virtual event production, IT equipment (notebooks, iPads, printers, copiers) rentals and other event services.

Our partners have been carefully reviewed to be selected on to our platform.

Will information privacy be protected?

Yes, information privacy will always be protected.  We only furnish information submitted to our service providers partners for the sole purpose of providing quotations to your requirements.

Information submitted will not be used for any other purpose.

How many Quotation Proposals will i receive?

Customer will usually receive up to 3 Quotation Proposals. The number of Quotation Proposals received may vary depending on the customer requirements and the suitability of Service Providers to meet the requirements. 

What happens after i submit my requirements?

We will match your requirements to the right event service providers.

Our Partner service providers will contact you or send you Quotation Proposals within 3 working days.

Who is responsible for the event service deployment?

The service provider that you selected (awarded) for your event will be directly responsible for the service deployment. You will also make payment directly to the awarded service provider. 

Is there any follow up after my event?

Yes, we will follow up for your feedback on the event service provider that you selected and your service experience on our platform.

We regularly review our Partner Service Providers and your feedback help us maintain a high level of service quality and customer satisfaction delivered by our Partner Service Providers. 

I have other questions, how do i contact you?

You can submit your questions on our Contact us page.

We are Event Service Provider, how do we join your platform?

You can submit your request on our Contact us page. And, we will be in touch with you to review the suitability to be selected on to our platform.