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Exhibition Booth Design Considerations


To hold a successful trade fair or exhibition, you would first and foremost need to get attendees to visit your booth. Otherwise, you may have the best products or services, but they would still go unnoticed by your guests!

Hence, it is important to have a well-designed trade booth to capture the attention of your attendees and increase brand exposure. Here’s a guide on what to consider for your exhibition booth design:


Objectives of Booth Design

While the goal of your booth design would be to have it incite curiosity and garner attention, it should also aim to be able to showcase what your business has to offer.

For example, if you are trying to increase brand awareness, you should ensure that your design reflects the history, culture and visions of your brand and might even want your brand’s name to be the biggest visual highlight. If you are promoting a new product or service, you might want to include interactive elements such as product demonstration through VR/AR to test things out.

These goals will affect the specific design elements you would like to be included in your booth. For inspiration, you should do research on the different types of booth designs, see what made them impactful and consider if those components should be included in your booth.

Some examples of booth design components you might notice are:

  • Presence of bold graphics
  • Large hanging signs or hanging structures
  • Attractive product demonstrations
  • Multimedia elements such as monitors, touch-screens and video walls
  • Interactive elements such as VR/AR

To facilitate the booth design process, try to decide on the types of technology you would like to incorporate in your booth as early as possible This way, you can consider them right from the beginning, instead of having to change the arrangement halfway through.

And just because you would like to attract visitors, doesn’t mean you need a big or grand booth. Sometimes, a small but well-designed, functional booth is sufficient and more effective.


Graphics and Visuals of Booth Design

Having impactful graphics is what differentiates your booth from the rest of the crowd! To draw your guests’ attention, pay attention to the colours and lighting of your booth.

Instead of using neutral or dull colours, consider having bright colours that can help your booth to stand out. However, your colour scheme should still be consistent with your brand design. If brighter colours do not go with your brand colours, you can try including metallic surfaces or varying textures for a more unique and visually attractive look.

The design need not be elaborate – something minimalistic and smart can make it pleasant to the eye, attracting visitors and helping to communicate the message more simply and effectively.

You should also take note of the colours and designs of your floor, as event flooring or carpeting can sometimes visually clash with your design elements. If you find that the flooring is boring or unsuitable, consider custom flooring to enhance the overall look and experience. An inviting flooring can also provide comfort for your staff and visitors when they stand around for a long time.

In terms of lighting, a well-lit display is important to allow visitors to view your graphics clearly and comfortably. They can also brighten up the product displays and materials at your exhibit. You wouldn’t want them to be furiously squinting their eyes or missing important details under a dim light!

Creating graphics for booths at events like product launches or conferences is a specialised skill. It is best to work with exhibition booth professionals who constantly work on such large-scale projects, as they have the experience and skill sets to turn your ideas into reality.


Finding an Exhibition Booth Design Contractor

After discussing with your exhibit designer about the goals of your exhibition booth and the visual features you would like, the designer will help you design a set-up that best suits your needs. Besides your needs, let them know your budget and deadline as well so that they can plan accordingly.

Another detail your design contractor would need to know is the floor space you have booked from the event vendor, so that they can ensure all the floor space available is fully made use of.

But before that, you would first need to choose the right partner.

A booth design company with a long and successful history will likely lead to a smoother booth design and building process. Their team of exhibit designers and builders would likely be very experienced and would be able to communicate and work together well.

To find out more about the work your potential exhibit partner has done, you can also ask for references from each one you have sourced. This allows you to see the type of designs they may be more experienced with doing and how that aligns to your visions and goals. If their project managers have handled booth designs for companies similar to your industry, that might be a good sign of their experience and knowledge of your field. Asking for references also shows you how closely they can follow the budget, the way they resolve issues and the strength of customer service provided.

As the process of designing and building an exhibit takes a while, it is important to search for your exhibit partner early to have more time to find the right one.


Exhibition Booth Design in Singapore

An effective booth design can help your business to be the highlight of a trade fair or product launch, and even drive media companies to report on them. Be sure to do thorough research on how the designs can suit your business and find the right design contractor to help you set-up a booth that will achieve your goals!