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Guide to Renting Printers and Copier Machines for Events

Printers and copiers are commonly used in your homes or at offices, but you may need them at your trade show, training session or conference too! It might make much sense to buy or lease one if you’re using them for your work in the long-term, but for the short-term events you’re organising, renting them could be a much better option.


Benefits of Renting Printers and Copiers

As your event might only be held in a span of a few hours or perhaps a week, it would be much more cost-effective to rent printers or copiers instead of purchasing brand new ones. This is especially helpful when you are operating on a tight event budget!

Rental companies also regularly maintain and service their machines, so what you get at your event would be in tip-top condition. 

If you have lots of equipment, your rental company could also help to arrange the delivery of your printers and copiers to your event site, reducing the stress on logistical transport. Some companies might even have their delivery services be free-of-charge. 

And no matter how reliable your printer or copier is, problems such as jammed papers or misaligned printing might still occur. Whether it’s a public exhibition or corporate event, such issues can disrupt the flow of your programme. But with rental companies, there can be technicians from the rental company around to help you onsite. They can also help with the set-up and teardown of these equipment.

Many rental companies also offer a wide range of major brands and models to cater to your different needs and budget. 


Choosing a Printer or Copier

With many different types of copiers and printers around, ensure that the ones you choose meet the needs of your event. For example, if you will need to print cards in A3 format, it should be a printer that can accommodate that size. 

Other considerations for your type of printer or copier include: 

  • Colour or black-and-white print
    Most inkjets typically come with the function to print in colour which can make your papers look more appealing. But when you print in colour, you’ll also be spending more money on ink. If you’ll be printing notes or documents that do not require colour, you might prefer to rent a monochrome printer or copier to save costs. 


  • Laser or Inkjet
    Inkjets and laser printers each have their pros and cons. Inkjet printers are good for printing photo-quality coloured documents, but the ink may also sometimes bleed and blur texts. On the other hand, laser printers produce smudge-proof and long-lasting results as they use toners instead of inks, but the colours may not be as vibrant. Laser printers are also generally more expensive. 


  • Printing speed and volume
    If you are expecting to be printing in high volume, your ink might need to be refilled quickly. Do check how many pages your printer can print before the next supply is needed. Of course, the fewer times you’ll need to refill, the more convenient it is. This can also affect the cost of your supplies!

Though there may be trained technicians on-site, your staff might be needed to facilitate the process as well. In such situations, it would be good to choose a copier that is easy to use, with a system that requires minimal training. 

The top printer and copier brands are Fuji Xerox and Canon, and you can expect to pay a little more for them as compared to other brands such as Dell and HP. But for a simple print and copy job, most of the machines should be able to meet your needs. 

Nonetheless, if you would like to ascertain the reliability of your copier or its brand, you can check if they have received awards from established copy machine testers such as Buyers Lab. 

Do consult your rental company on your copier or printer needs and how the machines can support your event. This allows the professionals to suggest the most cost-effective and efficient products for you.


Choosing a Rental Company 

The main difference among rental companies lies in the brands they may carry – while some only offer specific brands, others offer a variety of them. Otherwise, the price range and products of them are similar. 

You should also look out for the duration of their rental packages and check if they cover the duration of your event. Some companies charge per-month which might not suit a one-day seminar, while other rental packages may range from a day to a month. 

And if your event is held on a public holiday, be sure to check that have on-site technical support available on those days as well. 

Additionally, consider their service response time. Generally, companies should take at most four hours to respond to your queries. 


Event Rental: Printers and Copier Machines

There is no need to buy new things for your short-term event. Whether you are photocopying notes for your participants at a training session or printing photos at a corporate event, you can easily get these printers and copiers from a rental company!